THE PAGE NOW BEING LOADED describes the Manor of Stanbury.

It was composed and published on this website in February 2003.

Mr Michael Andrews-Reading has posted on the Internet his opinion that

there are doubts about the validity of the status of Stanbury as a manor and

has this week (mid-November 2006) insisted that these doubts be recorded.

Mr Michael Andrews-Reading works for the accountancy firm of Price

Waterhouse Coopers, specialises in fraud and vice, and is a Justice of the

Peace. He read English literature at Sydney University and read also

post-graduate law. He posts regularly and profusely on matters such as

nobiliary law and in November last year recorded 502 Internet posts.

The Manor of Stanbury was recognised as such by the purchaser’s legal advisers when it was sold to him by Lord
Mountgarret ten years ago, and by the Stanbury residents when the purchaser held a Court Baron there in 2002.
It was previously noted explicitly as a manor in a local directory published in 1847, and in 1805 the then Lord of
the Manor of Stanbury held a Court Baron for the Perambulation (beating the bounds of the Manor). The history
composed by the local historian in Stanbury accepts the validity of the manorial status, and no doubts of any kind
were ever expressed until the Editor enquired of an expert in 2005 about the location of Stanbury documents he
wished to examine and learned that the expert’s work on similar papers had not revealed their whereabouts. At
present, as the views of Mr Andrews-Reading do not appear to warrant amendment of anything originally written
about Stanbury, the original text remains unchanged. His doubts, however, are on record as he wished.

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