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Lord Bradford’s website, recently introduced and described in the May-June issue of Baronage, has already made an impact on the bogus “titles” market. This impact can be assessed by the incoming correspondence, much of it thanking the website’s creator for saving the writer’s face and money, but one letter had a rather different message. This we have been permitted to print ~

Having just reviewed your website regarding alleged fake titles I could not but howl with laughter: Please, allow me to elaborate.

In the first instance you quote both Baronage and The Manorial Society as being shall we say.. in the good guys camp.

You may or may not know that
the creator and proprietor of said Baronage Press is wanted in England by Her Majestys, tax inspectors for various offences relating to companies that he ran in the UK and to this day still owe thousands of pounds. Additionally your man uses his Son and Daughter to “front” companies in the UK from his base overseas whilst in reality he disqualified as a director here in the UK. (a fact you can easily verify with companies house).

Baronage is a scam for the following reason -- you will note that our learned friend decries every seller of alleged bogus titles on the internet, yet
he does make it clear that if he is approached he is able to “recommend” a “reputable” company for the purpose of acquiring a title. If you follow this trail as an anonymous buyer of a title -- where you end up upon your mans “recommendations” will horrify you I am sure!

The purpose of Baronage is clear -- to defile all purveyors of titles on the internet in an effort to make the way clear for his “Reputable” company to take those sales.

Robert Smith of the Manorial Society is in my opinion one of the cleverest con men I have ever come across --
last year his company salted away over £9 Million and paid little or no tax on that. Mr. Smith doesn,t give two hoots about heritage, peerage or any other aspect of his trade -- it,s a commercial venture out to make a profit -- nothing more.

The second reason that I laughed is this -

I hold a doctorate in history from Magdalen (its real) and if you were to examine british history, there were, before William of Normandy,s invasion NO Demesne Manors in England. The whole system was devised and implemented by William in this country. In most (if not all) cases the Titles were, for want of a better phrase, “made up” -- “fabricated” from thin air by those in power at the time to suit whatever needs arose.

The reality is Sir that anyone holding a title whether “real” or otherwise is merely clinging to a false, meaningless and wholly worthless
accolade. The only recognition these titles held were in the courts of various kings and queens (all of whom have no blood right to throne) who then dished them out in return for favours, Military, Political or indeed in many cases sexual! The world is fully aware of how incestuous, deceitful, power crazy and bloodletting the monarchial and court classes of this country have been from the outset. How many people did your ancestors murder, rape or pillage to acquire their status?

His Royal Highness Prince Charles has
over 72 accolades but only ever uses one pertaining to his Duchy in Cornwall. In this present climate local councils are destroying the old Demesne Manors as “manorial waste” in favour of roads and housing developments.

The reality is Sir, that nobody cares any more about this, except it would appear, yourself and Baronage.

I would question why this is -- given that all titles were made up in the first place why is it so important to you that you feel you have to hang on to it -- does it make you feel important? I would respect you more without it -- as it is -- it merely serves to make me feel pity for you.

Lavatorial humour deleted at this point

Sir, with little if any respect or deference toward
YOUR bogus and completely fabricated title -- get a life!

Clearly you are very insecure and feel highly threatened by companies selling what your ancestors made up and gave you -- why are they any different to your ancestors who did exactly the same thing but usually it involved the
unlawful (by Common law) deaths of freemen of England before they were granted? Could it be that Lord Bradford has seen the light that one day your kind will not exist and that this sceptered Isle will once more belong to those from whom your ancestors stole it in the first place!


Reimund, Major Freiherr Von Massener

PS: As you can see I hold a title (I am a freeman of my town in Germany -- a privilege earned and granted to my family by the town) -- Who gave you yours and where did they get it??

It is now two years since this libel first appeared on the Internet and still no claim for “thousands of pounds” has been made!!!
Neither of the Editor’s children is a director of any British company, and the Editor has never been disqualified as a director ~ all easily verified at Companies House.
On the contrary, the FAQs make it unambiguously clear that Baronage neither sells titles nor recommends any sellers of titles.
The bona fides of The Manorial Society of Great Britain may be ascertained easily by reference to Companies House, where its accounts may be read too.
Magdalen College is at Oxford, but Oxford colleges give no degrees. That is the task of the University.
The demesne is the part of the manor lived in and cultivated directly by its lord. Manors were a well-established feature of the Saxon social structure (as they were also in Flanders, France and elsewhere) long before Duke William was born. (So much for the “doctorate in history”!!!) And manorial lordships, which is what the writer thinks he is discussing, were not and are not “Titles”.
An accolade is the sword-tap on the shoulder conferring a knighthood. It is not a title (and Prince Charles uses many other titles than just Duke of Cornwall). The remainder of this paragraph is meaningless.
The 1st Earl of Bradford, from whom the present Lord Bradford descends, was so created for his loyalty to the King during Cromwell’s time.
The ignorance of history that destroys the credibility of the writer’s claim to a “doctorate” is compounded by his lack of familiarity with punctuation, syntax and orthodox spelling. It is doubtful that he is either a Major or a Freiherr (and the “Von”, if genuine, should be “von”).
Since we prepared the above comments for publication the letter’s writer has changed his pseudonym from “Von Massener” to “Ray St Clair”. Presumably this is the same Ray St Clair who used to sell “titles” a couple of years ago while posing as “the Lord of Huntingdon” and has been known elsewhere as “Baron Graham Fothergill”.

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