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Apostille at reduced size
British Feudal Investments

We have written before of Antonio Adolfo Boada Cartaya, who describes himself as “Lord Chafford” and publishes advertisements for bogus titles on his website at He poses as a “peerage lawyer” but has no qualifications as such. A reader has written in to inform us that he has a second website at from which he sells other services in addition to the same “titles” sold from his first site.

Another reader has reported that Boada Cartaya is active also on e-Bay, auctioning his fictitious wares at incredible prices. Of course, as this reader points out, paying only $3,050 for an “Ancient Count-Palatinate of Cadasa” is a bargain when compared with prices of “titles” sold from his website, but it is still a waste.
All Boada Cartaya’s “titles” are sold with the assurance that they have been recognised by “Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs” and the buyers are then invited to believe that all foreign governments will accept the “titles” on that basis. This is nonsense. Click on the picture above right to see an expanded version of this piece of paper as a pop-up page. This is supposed to be the “recognition”.
What it is in fact is an official notice, an apostille, accepting that Boada Cartaya’s lawyer has presented a public document authenticating his client’s signature. This notice is then included with the documents Boada Cartaya gives to the purchaser, not as an authentication of his signature, but as a supposed authentication by the British Government of the bogus title. Does it fool anyone? Yes, it has fooled very many, and will continue to do so. Boada Cartaya’s customers want titles, and they desperately want to believe, despite all their common sense tells them, that they are dealing with an honest man and buying a genuine title.
The Most Noble Order of the Sword

Followers of Gary Martin Beaver (who poses as a French baron and an English lord) will doubtless be interested to learn that The Most Noble Order of the Sword Limited, the English limited liability company he founded as a platform for the launch of The Most Noble Order of the Sword as “one of the world’s most prestigious orders of chivalry”, has been closed down by the order of the Director of Companies House (who, in England, supervises the operation of commercial companies).

Unfortunately, this may mean that Carl W. Lemke, the talented jewelry designer, will be even less likely to have his invoices honoured by Mr Beaver, to whom he supplied regalia for the “Order”, and who has ignored repeated requests for payment.

Gary Martin Beaver's regalia
Fake Titles ~ The Website of The Earl of Bradford

Lord Bradford has appeared in these pages before, when Gary Martin Beaver, having bought a bogus manorial title (actually a trademark) from “Baron Graham Fothergill” (he so described the vendor, who, he said, had made him a “baron”), adopted Lord Bradford’s second title of Lord Newport. The Daily Mail, an English newspaper, published this piece of impertinence for the amusement of its readers.

This introduction to the trade of bogus titles so interested Lord Bradford that he resolved to create a website dedicated to amusing and informing the public about its practitioners. The result may now be visited at ~ and it will be worth repeated visits because, we are assured, it will grow in line with the growth of the frauds.
One item that may interest readers of Baronage is the report of Lord Bradford interviewing the Editor of Baronage about the six years we have opposed the conmen, and discussing the libels on the conmen’s websites. Potential buyers of “titles” may find helpful Lord Bradford’s comments on Elite Titles, English Feudal Titles, Scottish Heritage Services, British Feudal Investments Ltd, Manor Titles, Aristocratic Titles, GVS Consult Inc., Noble Titles, Peerage Conferred, Sovereign Classics, and Prestige Titles.

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