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As our readers will be as aware as we, much of the material available on the Web is badly presented, often with inappropriate colour contrast, sometimes crushed into insufficient space, and frequently ungrammatical and misspelt.

Encountering a beautifully designed site is thus a rare pleasure, and in the case of the Clan Fraser website it is a pleasure enhanced by heraldic art of superb quality.

Lady Saltoun is the Chief of the Name and Arms of Fraser and, as described elsewhere in these pages, her heraldic achievement features a lozenge, not a shield, British heraldry preferring a lozenge for ladies.

There are two crests. The dexter crest, on a mount a flourish of strawberries leaved and fructed Proper, for Fraser, is borne by her clansmen in a strap-and-buckle, as shown elsewhere.

The sinister crest, an ostrich holding in its beak a horseshoe Proper, is for Saltoun.

The artist is the late Don Pottinger.

Achievement of Lady Saltoun
Standard of the Fraser Chief
The heraldic illustrations on the pages include paintings of Lady Saltoun’s standard (pictured here on the right), of the pinsel, of the gonfannon, and of her clansmen’s crestbadge.

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