The Arms of a Wife of

James Kincaid of that Ilk

who died 13 February 1604
A reader has sent us this photograph of a tombstone with the hope that we might identify it. He believes the arms to be those of a wife of James Kincaid of that Ilk (died 13 February 1604), but he was unable to connect the initials I.F. with any known wife.

The holes on the fess may represent three cinquefoils (ermine???). The charge in base is certainly a crescent. In chief the three piles may be issuing from a bar in chief, or they may stand alone with the bar being part of the shield shape’s decoration.

We suspect the blazon (minus the tinctures) might be On a fess between in chief three piles and in base a crescent three cinquefoils (ermine ???).

Any readers who might identify these arms or this wife are invited to write to us so that we can pass the information on.

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