Ann Lyon is a lecturer in the Department of Law at the University of Wales Swansea, with a particular interest in constitutional law and constitutional history. She cannot remember a time when she was not interested in history, particularly mediaeval history; she asked for “a history book” for her seventh birthday ~ and got it! She read history at Newcastle University and went on to an MA at York and an MPhil at Durham before training as a solicitor, finally moving into academic law in 1993. She has published in various academic journals on matters relating to the monarchy, including a critique of the 1999 Demos report on “Modernising the Monarchy”, and on military law, and is currently completing a one-volume constitutional history, designed primarily for law students but intended to be of general interest.

Ann was a member of the Territorial Army from 1978 to 1984, and has the distinction of being only the second woman to serve with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers ~ the first was an enterprising eighteenth century lady named Phoebe Hessle who disguised herself as a man! Outside academic life Ann is writing a novel about Richard III, and enjoys hill-walking, photography, listening to classical music, and curling up with a good book.