HEINRICH I, COUNT OF TIROL, 1180-1202, was father of Albrecht IV, Count of Tirol and Innthal 1202-1253, Crusader. Heinrich married Jutta von Andechs (sister of Agnes, Queen of France 1190-1201; of Gertrude, Queen of Hungary 1202, murdered 1213; of Saint Hedwig, Duchess of Silesia in Breslau 1201-1243) daughter of Berchtold, 1st Duke of Meran and 9th Margrave of Istria 1188-1204 by Agnes von Wettin, daughter of Dedo V, Count of Rochlitz 1185-1190 and Lord of Groitsch 1144-1190.

Heinrich had two daughters by Jutta von Andechs, his son's co-heiresses Elisabeth, Countess of Innthal, and Adelheid, Countess of Tirol. Adelheid married Meinhard von Lauenfeld-Heimfols, Count of Goritz 1232-1258, and their son, Meinhard IV, Count of Tirol and Goritz 1286-1295, bought in 1284 the County of Innthal from his first cousin Gebhard II, the son of his aunt Elizabeth.

Margaret, Queen of James III of Scots, mother of James IV, was ninth in descent from Meinhard IV, Count of Tirol and Goritz and Innthal, Duke of Carinthia.