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Knightships ! ! !
A reader found the following advertisement on E-bay and sent it in for our comments.
BRITISH KNIGHSHIP (sic) TITLE FOR SALE. Title deed number 084. I have been appointed steward to Lord Buchanan Turnor of East Barkwith (there is no such lord) to offer for sale the title of Field Knight (there is no such title) to the Company of the Plantagenet Toxophilites. I have instructions to place 20 of these titles on ebay, at low starting prices ~ this will not be repeated, as very few titles remain. This should give anyone the ability to gain a title, or maybe an amazing gift (bear in mind the time of year!!!). View my other auctions to see the other title deeds as there are a range of starting prices, and 2 buy-it-now offers. This is a rare chance to gain a British Knightship title (there is no such entity as a "knightship"), which legally (a non entity can do nothing "legally") entitles you to be known as "Sir" or "Dame" (nonsense) and add this title before your name (poaching the monarch's prerogative). The letters KCPT (Knight Commander of the Plantagenet Toxophilites) are added after your name if you are male, whilst females gain the letters DCPT (Dame). The title may be added to passports, driving licenses etc (in Outer Mongolia perhaps, but not in Great Britain). The title may be on the field or of the field if you so choose (the distinction eludes us). The Field Knightship is a Knightship, NOT a Knighthood. (We knew that.) The traditional Knighthood is bestowed by a Monarch or Sovereign, whereas a feld knightship is bestowed by the Lady of the arrow, Company of the Plantagenet Toxophilites, Hereditary Captain and Senior Commanding Officer of the Plantagenet Toxophilites. The Plantagenet Toxophilites (Plantagenet followers of the Bow) are historically a Company of Archers dating from the Plantagenet (Kings of England) era, ie the period 1133-1399 (1154-1485 actually). The most Famous longbow archers (sic) battle being Crecy (Agincourt is far better qualified for this distinction) in the year 1340 (Crecy was 26 August 1346 actually). (This was during the 100 years war, another significant victory for the archers being Agincourt). Historically, the Company comprises of 700 men, in seven companies. These are the ONLY Field knightships in the world, no more can ever be formed. There have been 250 titles released. Each title deed is numbered and unique. Along with the Title deed is a copy of a sworn statement (by a solicitor and stamped) from Lord Charles Buchanan Turnor (this is the style used by a younger son of a duke or marquess, an error which alone reveals the shoddiness of this scam) that these Titles are the Lords (sic ~ a common feature of all the Internet "titles" scams is the difficulty the merchants have with apostrophes) to sell and that there are only 250 Titles to be sold. Please note this Title is registered upon purchase through Lord Buchanan Turnor, in the name you specify. You then receive the legal Knightship transfer deeds with a sworn statemen (sic) by a solicitor. It is possible to assign this title in a will to be left to your family on death, thus it becomes hereditary, unlike a knighthood. As A Knight of The Company of Plantagenet Toxophilites, you will be invited to a Longbow archery shoot, as the group are historically a band of Archers and regularly meet to shoot traditional longbows. Payment will be by bank transfer or cheque, preferably in sterling. Payment goes to Lord Buchanan, and a portion of the money will go to selected charities, mostly cancer research and respite care for terminally ill children. (The brazen effrontery of the "titles" scam merchants is outrageous.) These titles have sold at auction for up to $25,000 (in a genuine sale to a disinterested party ~ we doubt it !!!) ~ it gives you a title that can be passed down your family line for as long as the deed exists.
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