Barons, 1066 and other matters

A correspondent has commented on our condemnation of fake baronial titles, and on our descriptive explanation of feudal titles, with the reminder that all that was worth saying on this subject was set out economically in the masterwork* of W.C. Sellar and R.J. Yeatman.

Here is the relevant extract ~

The Barons

Simon de Montfort, although only a Frenchman, was a Good Thing, and is very notable as being the only good Baron in history. The other Barons were, of course, all wicked Barons. They had, however, many important duties under the Banorial system. These were:

1. To be armed to the teeth.

2. To extract from the Villein saccage and soccage, tollage and tallage, pillage and ullage, and, in extreme cases, all other banorial amenities such as umbrage and porrage.

3. To hasten the King's death, deposition, insanity, etc., and make quite sure that there were always at least three false claimants to the throne.

4. To resent the Attitude of the Church. (The Barons were secretly jealous of the Church, which they accused of encroaching on their rites.)

5. To keep up the Middle Ages.


In order to clear up the general confusion of the period it is customary to give at this point a genealogical table of the Kings (and even some Queens) of England. As these tables are themselves somewhat confusing, the one here has to a certain extent been rationalized, and will, the Editors hope, prove to be exceptionally memorable.

Genealogical table
*1066 AND ALL THAT by W.C. Sellar and R.J. Yeatman published by Penguin Books and Methuen
(contains "all the history you can remember" and is strongly recommended by The Baronage Press as an alternative to the writings of most of the "titles" merchants currently operating on the Internet.)

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