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The Dragon (continued)

It would be remiss of us to ignore the rain dragon in this discussion, especially as, unlike its evil cousin, its gentle nature has earned a reputation as kindly as that of the gryphon (or griffin). Unfortunately, it is rarely seen, the picture on the right being owed to a description of a sighting in the west of Scotland late on a moonlit night.

The only appearance of the rain dragon in heraldry that this writer can remember is as the dexter supporter of the arms of the late Harry Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw (his sinister supporter being a waterkelpie).

Beneficent rain dragon

In summary ~

We have noted that the dragon is confused with the wyvern and the gryphon (or griffin), that whereas the gryphon (or griffin) female is often encountered, the male is not, that the rain dragon is even more rare than the waterkelpie (we did not actually aver that, but it is true), and that the opinicus also is uncommon.

We shall leave the wyvern for a later discussion. For the present, to assist readers to avoid problems consequent on misidentification, here are pictures of male and female gryphons (or griffins) and an opinicus.

Gryphon segreant
Male gryphon
Opinicus statant sinister proper
Male gryphon (or griffin)
Female gryphon (or griffin)
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